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BREXIT: A wake up call for the Nigerian Youth!


I have been extremely busy for the past few weeks and unable to write. I was pleasantly surprised by the numerous emails I received, It’s funny how you just never know how many people are drawn to what you write…. Especially as I really just write my thoughts. So, to everyone that sent in an email to ask ‘How far?’…. Thank you!

As you all know, I try to stay away from expressing my political views. But sometimes, its hard not to… especially when a political move indirectly/directly affects me, and the future of my children. Something very significant happened a few days ago… BREXIT! I’m not from the UK, but the various dynamics that came into play during this process has opened my eyes to the harsh reality of our future…. when we allow the ‘older’ generation form it’s reality. For those who don’t understand this whole BrExit thing… I’ll briefly explain:

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One Slap: Domestic Correction, Not Abuse!

I had an argument today…  The issue?  ‘One Slap’.  It is believed that some situations require ‘one slap’….  A firm,  swift and painful hit across the face. Their arguement?  Well,  some individuals are apparently experts at pressing your various buttons…  Some individuals take disrespect to a whole new level of impunity….  So,  to curb and bring your situation back to sanity, a hot slap…  Just ‘one slap’ is not just advisable, but  actually necessary.

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