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BxFrox Brave Collection: 2017

Exactly a year ago, BxFrox released her very first look book… I was honored to present it exclusively on this blog. Anyone who follows my blog knows I am a huge fan of the creative director of BxFrox. She is very subtle, but still obvious in her style stance. She is indeed effortlessly chic. I follow her closely… she has certainly evolved over the past 12 months. She is more detailed, more flexible in her style… yet maintains what makes her line so unique… a chic presence, without forcing it! “It has to seem effortless, Nina” she had said to me once.


This month has definitely been for the ‘Woman’… embracing her ‘perceived’ weakness, that is truly the strength that makes her remarkable. 2017 is the year of the woman… Our courage, and fearless fight for recognition… Our bold yearning for change, and subtle approach to express love. This Collection embodies the true essence of ‘Woman’…. Brave!

I am thrilled that Evezboudoir is one of the first few that recognized the force that is BxFrox… a relatively new comer, but greatly skilled nonetheless. I am thrilled that she has invested in her craft and keeps getting better everyday. The Brave Collection is ‘Strong’, ‘Sexy’, ‘Fearless’, ‘Classy’, ‘Fun’… And still sticks to her vision of remaining ‘Effortlessly Chic’… Enjoy!

Creative Director: @bxfrox

Stylist: @nnekaoputa

Photography: @leonphotographyng

Models: @mz_onyii @tatiana_005

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