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Child of Rape!

According to the United Nations, Rape is one of the most unreported crimes. Although, very invasive and traumatic, in my country Nigeria, those who have survived rape are stigmatized. Many never fully recover.

I spoke to a rape victim. She said, ‘… Nina, It messes with your mind. Now, I’m always startled, even from the slightest touch’. There is also the high exposure to STD’s… I can’t begin to imagine the sexual recklessness of a rapist.


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    Ezinne Chinkata


    Brilliant read and broken down so succinctly. Couldn’t agree with you more! I look forward to a better environment and better post care for victims.. and most importantly , I pray fervently for a rape free world!❤️❤️


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      Amen! So do I. Thank you for reading 💖


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