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Child of Rape!

In my early college years, I researched a project on the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice debate. Pro-Life is the arguement that the life of an unborn child must take precedent over any other dynamic of the pregnancy. Pro-Choice on the other hand, gives the carrier of the foetus the right to terminate for various reasons; Incest, underage, finances, mother’s health… Rape!

It is a fact that many have brought children conceived through rape into the world… and have been able to adequately love and nurture. It is also a fact that, for most… that child becomes a constant reminder of one of the most invasive crimes against the body. Such innocent children are doomed to a bitter environment from birth.


This is a sensitive topic. Religion and Culture seem to be the major basis of most debates against aborting a child conceived via rape. However, there are very scanty processes in place to actually help rebuild the mental health of Rape Victims. In situations where the rape victim is not financially capable… It increases the chances of an even more unstable environment to raise a child.

The rape victim IS the victim, and should not have to carry the cross of his/her rapist. The rape victim must know that he/she is NOT at fault. No one deserves to get raped. Period! We speak on this topic carelessly, some even justify the act itself. We must never judge the victim, especially in a country where the aftermath increases the trauma; a Government that has not created adequate post-rape help… and ‘a people’ ready to point fingers and render judgements!


The ultimate hope is a rape-free society, where children conceived are wanted and loved. However, in our present reality… it is crucial that each rape victim that conceives, is treated uniquely. Everyone is different, some are mentally strong and are able to go through the mental healing process, while mothering a child. Others are broken… they need intense therapy to even begin the healing process. They are not capable of adequately bringing a child into this world. Such children may never get the chance of a normal childhood.

Do we continue to play judge and jury? As a religious country, we are quick to preach ‘against’… but, have we put avenues in place to properly cater to rape victims; therapy, financial assistance, support groups? It is tragic how we down play the intensity of the effects of rape… It is a heinous crime… We as a people must be more sensitive to Rape survivors.




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    Ezinne Chinkata


    Brilliant read and broken down so succinctly. Couldn’t agree with you more! I look forward to a better environment and better post care for victims.. and most importantly , I pray fervently for a rape free world!❤️❤️


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      Amen! So do I. Thank you for reading 💖


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