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Embrace or Escape…the Escape Night Club!

I’m not really an outdoor person, but I certainly like to have fun…. once in a while. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but early motherhood has a way of sucking away your social life…. anyway, my dear friend was getting married and she came into the country to put some things in place…. my other friend who was also on her train decided to come along…I was excited because these are the only ladies that can make me get up to go out after hours of chasing my toddlers around…. it was the perfect opportunity to take a break from alllll my responsibilities and just chill with my girls.

So we all met up in Lagos. After all the wedding runarounds, it was time to return to our various destinations… we wanted to do something super fun before leaving. I had no idea about the cool spots, plus I don’t even reside in Lagos, but we wanted to go clubbing, it had been ages for all three of us, and the groom-2-be was hosting, so we got dressed for our girls night out.

A friend suggested Escape Night Club, she knows the owner and had promised to stop by during her visit. The location of this club is pretty nice, I can’t really speak on parking as luckily we had a driver (plus who really expects to see parking easily at a night club). I love the entrance, it was ‘pretty’.



One of the managers (don’t know his name) met us at the door to get us to our table. I wish I got the managers name (cute, about 5″10, and dark skinned) because I think he’s the nicest person on the planet. He did his best to make us comfortable, and I noticed he did same for so many others, making each group feel the most important. Good job!

Anyway, we walked in and it was packed full! Seems like the go to spot for all the young guys and gyals. I noticed a whole lot of sagged jeans, and realised this is a pretty young crowd…. regardless, one of my favourite Nigerian songs welcomed us (‘Gift’ by Iyanya and Don Jazzy)…. not so bad, I thought to myself.


My friend booked a table…. but we just kept being moved because I think our table was given to an earlier group…. the whole confusion was becoming a bit irritating, but I figured once we get settled in, all will be well .. We were standing upstairs waiting for the table situation to get sorted, while enduring some serious second hand smoke…people were smoking all sorts ‘INSIDE!!’…. I was confused. That already created a very unhealthy experience…

We finally got a table, and tried to settle in…. next thing we know, another group is ushered into our section… trust me, I have no qualms with mingling, but the reason people get tables is to have a little space to them selves! Everyone seemed to be having fun but us…. the people on the table next to ours now decided to have a smoke-fest  (second hand smoking is worse!)…. We obviously could not last long there, left in less than an hour so we don’t choke to death (God forbid). Needless to say, the night didn’t go as planned…. we rescheduled for after the wedding, maybe then, we would have a better night-out-in-lagos experience.

Escape seems to be the spot for many, but for a more mature group looking to have fun, Escape is certainly not the place! Except you are into cigarette smoke and total lack of organization. I have a few suggestions as alternatives, but you’ll have to wait till I review them.

Till then, never stay trapped in the norm…. Unleash your alter ego.





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