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EXCLUSIVE! BxFroX: Look Book.

BxFroX is a relatively new fashion house. The Creative Director (Braxie, as she is fondly called) is very determined and certainly very stylish. I wrote a piece on her brand a while back. I love ‘underdogs’… those few that may not have a ‘huge’ following, yet…. but certainly have great prospects and undeniable talent. BxFroX is certainly an underdog…. with a refreshing fashion stance.

A few weeks ago, she sent me her look book. This is her very first look book. I have seen alot of her work…. dozens of spectacular pieces, and I just feel her choices for her ‘First Look Book’ didn’t fully compliment her skills.

However, although I am aware of much better designs she has created (she is one with a flare for structured wears, with great attention to ‘detailing’), the pieces below still show off her skills and sense of style. I recommend her a lot!  Not just because she is a great designer,  but she is completely dedicated to satisfying her clients…. it’s rare to find that these days…. trust me, I have encountered so many disappointments.

With all that said…. please view and enjoy the beautiful collection from the very First BxFroX Look Book!

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