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Part 2: #TheWhoAmIChallenge

This has been an amazing project for me. It’s incredible to see these women take up the challenge! Yesterday I bumped into a phenomenal lady who on her own, recorded her response to the question #whoAmI on her IG page. It is indeed a question we as women must ask ourselves… we must know and learn our strengths and weakness… and embrace all that makes us “Phenomenal”… the positive and even the negative.

Below, you will watch 5 women take up the challenge.. embracing their various roles while rising above all challenges…. #WhoAmI #IAmWoman. It’s also important to observe the different views… the reality of how versatile we are, yet so so similar.







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Like I always say, never stay trapped in the norm… Unleash your alter ego!… I hope this video inspires someone today!!





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