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The BIG 30: When the Inspiration Becomes the Inspired!

In my 30 years on earth, I have certainly experienced a lot! Love gone wrong, friendships gone wrong, businesses/Investments gone wrong… Just to name a few. There’s also the positive end of things…. Amazing marriage, absolutely beautiful sons, spiritual growth, fulfilling career, phenomenal friends (who have become sisters/brothers), and even a more phenomenal family. I never like to get too personal on my blog, but today! Well, I guess i’ve gotten to a very comfortable point in my life where I can thoroughly embrace my imperfections and mistakes, even as I celebrate where God has brought me and where he is taking me.


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Zinkata Store

Today I want to speak about Zinkata.

I follow her on instagram @Zinkata, and to be honest, most times, her style is certainly not mine …. I’m very safe in my approach to fashion… I however consider her genius. The way she throws things together…. And makes it work! (The other day she made me fall in love with an Ankara wrapper ensemble… I still wouldn’t have the liver to rock it though lol).

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