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Posts Tagged ‘Childbirth’

One Year Hiatus: I’m Back!!!

Gosh! It’s been a whole year I blogged. I truly didn’t realize how many people looked forward to my blog entries… I am grateful for the emails asking ‘How Far?’. There was no actual reason… life just happened. Hubby would ask ‘Babe, you no dey do your evezboudoir again?’… he is my biggest fan! He follows up on my entries, but would sometimes say ‘Babe oh, this one is long abeg. Just tell me what it’s about’…. sigh Lol!

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Dear Uterus Time Keepers! Weh-Done!

The Month of March was certainly for the “Woman”… My drive to ‘rise’ was certainly re-ignited. I attended so many amazing seminars, and got invited to talk at a few gatherings. Whenever I have a presentation where I ‘teach’… I always end up learning and growing myself. It is important to know your worth and the value you bring to the table… this is something you must take out time to decipher. Ask yourself, Who Am I? Think about all you do.. think about the positive and negative… think about all the boundaries you have broken, and how you accomplished your breakthrough. In Nigeria, if you are not a billionaire, no one is really interested in your story or how you attained your current growth level. Everyone has their growth pace, and no pace should ever be belittled! As long as the milestone was achieved honestly… through hard work and God’s grace… It should and must be celebrated!

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The Hebrew Woman Syndrome!

Child birth is a great miracle. The whole gestation period to actual labour and then delivery is enough to prove that there is a God. It is also an experience I hope every woman can go through…. it’s life changing. It gives you a totally different view of life. It helps you love more, forgive more and gives you a brand new purpose. I commend all mothers, it is certainly a mark of honour to birth and raise children and no one should take that honour away from you. I have realised that some people accord more respect to women who give birth naturally/vaginally than women with alternative birth plans. I vehemently disagree with that notion! Every woman is entitled to choose her birth plan, and every child birth process is unique and special; it is indeed a blessing to successful birth a child as many have died or lost their babies trying to complete this task. It is a delicate process and no woman about to embark on this journey should be pressured into accepting choices that are not fully hers.

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