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The Hebrew Woman Syndrome!

Child birth is a great miracle. The whole gestation period to actual labour and then delivery is enough to prove that there is a God. It is also an experience I hope every woman can go through…. it’s life changing. It gives you a totally different view of life. It helps you love more, forgive more and gives you a brand new purpose. I commend all mothers, it is certainly a mark of honour to birth and raise children and no one should take that honour away from you. I have realised that some people accord more respect to women who give birth naturally/vaginally than women with alternative birth plans. I vehemently disagree with that notion! Every woman is entitled to choose her birth plan, and every child birth process is unique and special; it is indeed a blessing to successful birth a child as many have died or lost their babies trying to complete this task. It is a delicate process and no woman about to embark on this journey should be pressured into accepting choices that are not fully hers.

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Never have your baby in North America!…. without reading this first!!

Your baby is about to be born… you’re considering having your baby in the United States? Visa is set, and you’re excited to finally get the load off…. Well, I believe in the saying ‘whatever is worth doing is worth doing well’.

A lot of people take up this idea without an actual plan. Trust me, without being strict on your budget, having a baby in the United States is very expensive. For the aforementioned reason, it’s wise to be clear on expectations and of course ‘stick to the budget’. I’m known to be a finder of deals, I may have the same Micheal Kors purse as you do,but you can bet that I found the best deal possible to get an authentic one. So yes, I apply that whenever I start plans to ‘deliver abroad’.

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