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One Year Hiatus: I’m Back!!!

Gosh! It’s been a whole year I blogged. I truly didn’t realize how many people looked forward to my blog entries… I am grateful for the emails asking ‘How Far?’. There was no actual reason… life just happened. Hubby would ask ‘Babe, you no dey do your evezboudoir again?’… he is my biggest fan! He follows up on my entries, but would sometimes say ‘Babe oh, this one is long abeg. Just tell me what it’s about’…. sigh Lol!

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One Slap: Domestic Correction, Not Abuse!

I had an argument today…  The issue?  ‘One Slap’.  It is believed that some situations require ‘one slap’….  A firm,  swift and painful hit across the face. Their arguement?  Well,  some individuals are apparently experts at pressing your various buttons…  Some individuals take disrespect to a whole new level of impunity….  So,  to curb and bring your situation back to sanity, a hot slap…  Just ‘one slap’ is not just advisable, but  actually necessary.

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Chronicles of a battered woman!

“I’m a mother of two beautiful boys…In my unconsciousness, I hear their voice..

Calling my name, wondering if mummy would open her eyes…. wondering if mummy, like the other times will open her eyes.

You see, I had been beaten and choked a few times before. This time he squeezed a little tighter, a little longer than he did before.

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