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Posts Tagged ‘hair’

Wedding Series: #IFENNA2016

I was chilling one cool Saturday morning when a huge rock almost shattered my phone screen.



This rock was a very sparkly rock…. “He has proposed oh!” was the message that followed… I was dumbfounded for a few seconds, how in the world did he blindside everyone????????? I was torn…  Should I scream,  or cry,  or dance….  Kaiii, Joy!!! 

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Soniaz : Hair&Nail Studio, Spa and Boutique

It’s been really tough finding a great Salon in Portharcourt. I’m extremely particular about my hair and nails. It’s important that it’s done right…. I am known to give ‘small’ drama when I don’t get what I expect. So to avoid ‘showing myself’, I have tried for a while  to find a great Salon option.

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Get The Look: Natural-Fro with a ‘perm’

On my journey as a Life and Wellness Coach, I am compelled to find avenues to achieve all goals… including shortcuts to make the process of achieving ‘those goals’ less cumbersome.…. I take every aspect of my life very seriously, including areas people may deem insignificant, like ‘my hair’. Back in 2009 I had my first ‘big chop’….  

My best friend has gone the natural route for so many years and I admire her dedication to it (she also knows how to style her hair beautifully).

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