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Posts Tagged ‘mother’

Special Feature #thewhoamichallenge: Ijeoma Mark-Edeh

It is incredible how you can know someone all your life, and never truly appreciate the strength and zeal they possess… till you see them exert it in full force. Ijay, as she is fondly called, can easily be described as a go-getter… mighty brain, petite body. Her petite stature creates the assumption that she is a┬ádelicate and fragile lady. 2016 proved everyone wrong.

Ijay abruptly found out she had brain tumors, and needed to get to the operating table ASAP. Doctors said she may not make it to surgery… they feared for the worst. Ijay on the other hand remained positive, uplifting everyone around her with her infectious giggle/smile. ‘Nina, I’m not too proud to accept that I am scared. But, I have 2 daughter, so I have only one goal. I must make it back home’. These were her words to me… the inner strength this woman possesses is phenomenal. I can’t even imagine how worried she was on the inside, but I never felt it in her voice or actions. Somehow, she was able to make everyone around her become certain that she will make it back… and she did.

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Dear ‘Post- Baby Weight-loss’ Time Keepers! Weh-Done!

So, today I came across a post on Instagram by a mummy blogger @judgejudyjudy. She usually posts happy videos/pictures of some of her fun routines as a mum… from yummy recipes, shopping, to even the hustle of job hunting. I find her quite unique… she is raw and I find her live videos very interesting. Anyway, in her typical manner, she posted some pictures of her happy self today… below is the ‘foolishness’ someone decided to display on social media…


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Part 2: #TheWhoAmIChallenge

This has been an amazing project for me. It’s incredible to see these women take up the challenge! Yesterday I bumped into a phenomenal lady who on her own, recorded her response to the question #whoAmI on her IG page. It is indeed a question we as women must ask ourselves… we must know and learn our strengths and weakness… and embrace all that makes us “Phenomenal”… the positive and even the negative.

Below, you will watch 5 women take up the challenge.. embracing their various roles while rising above all challenges…. #WhoAmI #IAmWoman. It’s also important to observe the different views… the reality of how versatile we are, yet so so similar.


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