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The Hebrew Woman Syndrome!

Child birth is a great miracle. The whole gestation period to actual labour and then delivery is enough to prove that there is a God. It is also an experience I hope every woman can go through…. it’s life changing. It gives you a totally different view of life. It helps you love more, forgive more and gives you a brand new purpose. I commend all mothers, it is certainly a mark of honour to birth and raise children and no one should take that honour away from you. I have realised that some people accord more respect to women who give birth naturally/vaginally than women with alternative birth plans. I vehemently disagree with that notion! Every woman is entitled to choose her birth plan, and every child birth process is unique and special; it is indeed a blessing to successful birth a child as many have died or lost their babies trying to complete this task. It is a delicate process and no woman about to embark on this journey should be pressured into accepting choices that are not fully hers.

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Get The Look: Natural-Fro with a ‘perm’

On my journey as a Life and Wellness Coach, I am compelled to find avenues to achieve all goals… including shortcuts to make the process of achieving ‘those goals’ less cumbersome.…. I take every aspect of my life very seriously, including areas people may deem insignificant, like ‘my hair’. Back in 2009 I had my first ‘big chop’….  

My best friend has gone the natural route for so many years and I admire her dedication to it (she also knows how to style her hair beautifully).

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