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Youthquake: An Uprising of the Nigerian Youth!

As 2019 approaches, there is tension within the Political world. Violence, corruption and shocking death tolls have plagued the Nigerian general elections through the years. The sheer lack of sportsmanship has also been repetitious…. then the law suits begin! Sometimes dragged till it’s time for yet another election. It’s quite an embarrassing period for most Nigerians, as various News platforms carry the news of gruesome blood shed and rigging… further intensifying the view that Nigeria lacks trust worthy leaders.

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Dear Uterus Time Keepers! Weh-Done!

The Month of March was certainly for the “Woman”… My drive to ‘rise’ was certainly re-ignited. I attended so many amazing seminars, and got invited to talk at a few gatherings. Whenever I have a presentation where I ‘teach’… I always end up learning and growing myself. It is important to know your worth and the value you bring to the table… this is something you must take out time to decipher. Ask yourself, Who Am I? Think about all you do.. think about the positive and negative… think about all the boundaries you have broken, and how you accomplished your breakthrough. In Nigeria, if you are not a billionaire, no one is really interested in your story or how you attained your current growth level. Everyone has their growth pace, and no pace should ever be belittled! As long as the milestone was achieved honestly… through hard work and God’s grace… It should and must be celebrated!

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Could things get any worse?…. SOOT!

How much more can we as humans possibly take?!!!! How can a government be so cruel? I am honestly sick and tired! Recently, I have not been able to write about many things… How do I write when we are all struggling daily to even survive? I am upset, disappointed and just weakened by the consistency of the Nigerian government’s lack of care towards the regular Joe… If you no hol’ pieces for this country, no hope oh!

I have had various ugly experiences in Nigeria, and to be honest, I have been angry. Angry that government officials can still come out of their homes confidently, when they are all guilty of the death of many of my Nigerian brothers and sisters. People are dying! Poverty, road accidents, terrible health facilities…. High blood pressure! Kai!… and when I thought it could not get worse… SOOT!!!! Those who live and work in Rivers State are constantly covered in SOOT! So now, we have to worry about a clear exposure to various diseases (Including Skin & Lung cancer) caused by SOOT.

How much more can we possibly take? The Federal Government is quick to swing into action once one ‘yeye election’ is taking place… Military officials and war ammunitions go full everywhere! But now?!!! Now that your citizens are being killed slowly… Everyone is mute? Who are those in charge of such health hazards in the country? does Rivers State have any agency/ministry responsible for the general health and safety of her people?

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