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Ph Girl in Lagos Town ( 355 Lounge)

After my horrible experience at Escape night club which I will discuss in a separate review (if you’re not a fan of second hand tobacco smoke, I strongly discourage you from going), I needed a much better experience. You see, I’m a PH girl, still trying to fit back into life in PH, so was pretty happy to get a good reason to spend a whole week in Lagos.

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I love makeup…. I’m actually pretty good at it myself. I’m also every makeup artists nightmare ( very unintentional, I promise! Lol)’… the thing is, I know what works for my skin, and I will absolutely disagree with your expert opinion if you can’t sell it well to me. Also, I developed some annoying tiny moles all over my face and neck after having kids…. I need a foundation that will give me coverage without being ‘too much’.

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