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Child of Rape!

According to the United Nations, Rape is one of the most unreported crimes. Although, very invasive and traumatic, in my country Nigeria, those who have survived rape are stigmatized. Many never fully recover.

I spoke to a rape victim. She said, ‘… Nina, It messes with your mind. Now, I’m always startled, even from the slightest touch’. There is also the high exposure to STD’s… I can’t begin to imagine the sexual recklessness of a rapist.


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Breaking Free…. Domestic Violence!

‘He forces himself on me anally, after he flogs me, with his belt! I’m too ashamed to say all I have endured, I’m too broken to even be free’…. these words completely broke my heart, these words were coming from a woman who is well educated with a master’s degree. Today she’s a house wife against her will, enduring various intense forms of abuse, while still trying to be a great mum to her beautiful children. How a man can be this callous to the mother of his children is mind boggling…. the sad reality is, even in all the anguish, she’s too scared to leave…. she has accepted her faith, and is fearfully waiting for the day she may not be lucky enough to get resuscitate…. just like she had been lucky last week, when she flat lined and needed a blood transfusion… she had lost so much blood from the forced miscarriage his brutality caused…. This was the second forced miscarriage he had inflicted.

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