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One Year Hiatus: I’m Back!!!

Gosh! It’s been a whole year I blogged. I truly didn’t realize how many people looked forward to my blog entries… I am grateful for the emails asking ‘How Far?’. There was no actual reason… life just happened. Hubby would ask ‘Babe, you no dey do your evezboudoir again?’… he is my biggest fan! He follows up on my entries, but would sometimes say ‘Babe oh, this one is long abeg. Just tell me what it’s about’…. sigh Lol!

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The BIG 30: When the Inspiration Becomes the Inspired!

In my 30 years on earth, I have certainly experienced a lot! Love gone wrong, friendships gone wrong, businesses/Investments gone wrong… Just to name a few. There’s also the positive end of things…. Amazing marriage, absolutely beautiful sons, spiritual growth, fulfilling career, phenomenal friends (who have become sisters/brothers), and even a more phenomenal family. I never like to get too personal on my blog, but today! Well, I guess i’ve gotten to a very comfortable point in my life where I can thoroughly embrace my imperfections and mistakes, even as I celebrate where God has brought me and where he is taking me.


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