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Posts Tagged ‘style’

BxFrox Brave Collection: 2017

Exactly a year ago, BxFrox released her very first look book… I was honored to present it exclusively on this blog. Anyone who follows my blog knows I am a huge fan of the creative director of BxFrox. She is very subtle, but still obvious in her style stance. She is indeed effortlessly chic. I follow her closely… she has certainly evolved over the past 12 months. She is more detailed, more flexible in her style… yet maintains what makes her line so unique… a chic presence, without forcing it! “It has to seem effortless, Nina” she had said to me once.

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EXCLUSIVE! BxFroX: Look Book.

BxFroX is a relatively new fashion house. The Creative Director (Braxie, as she is fondly called) is very determined and certainly very stylish. I wrote a piece on her brand a while back. I love ‘underdogs’… those few that may not have a ‘huge’ following, yet…. but certainly have great prospects and undeniable talent. BxFroX is certainly an underdog…. with a refreshing fashion stance.

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