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Dear ‘Post- Baby Weight-loss’ Time Keepers! Weh-Done!

So, today I came across a post on Instagram by a mummy blogger @judgejudyjudy. She usually posts happy videos/pictures of some of her fun routines as a mum… from yummy recipes, shopping, to even the hustle of job hunting. I find her quite unique… she is raw and I find her live videos very interesting. Anyway, in her typical manner, she posted some pictures of her happy self today… below is the ‘foolishness’ someone decided to display on social media…


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My health regime: 6kg gone!

For a long time, like so many women, I have struggled with my weight… you see, I’ve never been the slim girl but I have certainly had a steady increase in weight through the years. As a Life & Wellness coach, I have helped see people through various goals, including their weight goals. I have motivated and stuck it out with my clients…. I have taught them the power of taking full control of their lives, and building a can-do attitude. I love to live by example, so, I apply all I teach to various areas of my life. I have however never accepted defeat in the weight loss department…. although it seemed like I had lost the drive to keep up.

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