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Wedding Series: #IFENNA2016

I was chilling one cool Saturday morning when a huge rock almost shattered my phone screen.



This rock was a very sparkly rock…. “He has proposed oh!” was the message that followed… I was dumbfounded for a few seconds, how in the world did he blindside everyone????????? I was torn…  Should I scream,  or cry,  or dance….  Kaiii, Joy!!! 

I had helped in getting him aware of the type of ring to go for, sent him pictures and styles … He definitely listened, because she absolutely loves her ring! Why am I so excited you may ask? Well, I introduced these two lovebirds…. So just so you all are not lost, let me start from the very beginning.

“The Groom” is basically my brother. I’ve known him all my life. He was my neighbour for the first 13 years of my life. His parents and my parents are very close, so even after both families moved to new homes, we all still kept in touch. You see, I’m an only girl and he has 5 sisters. One of his sisters became my very close ally, infact,  she was my elder sister from another mother…. After secondary school, she encouraged me to get interested in furthering my education abroad. I was certainly not keen on that then, but she helped with finding a great University in London where she studied and promised to ensure I settled in fine. Although my parents decided I go to the United States instead, it didn’t stop the friendship. Over the years, I grew to value her consistency in my life…. So when she introduced me to ‘bae’, it was a no brainer.  2 kids later, and I still thank God for my phenomenal husband.

Okay,  so back to ‘The Groom”…  He mentioned that he was ready to settle down. He had just moved into his new home,  and quite frankly, the first day I visited,  all I could see were dark structures and masculine thoughts. His home was beautiful, but was missing something….  It just didn’t feel…  Emmm…  I think the word is homely. His home didn’t feel homely at all…  His male cook would try,  but it wasn’t just right. His sister helped me find complete peace and immense joy….  I was determined to do the same for him.

I have known ‘The Bride’ for a little over 10 years.  We went to college together, we were in the same church choir…  We partied together and prayed together. I know her enough to know she is 100% loyal to people she considers close to her heart. I knew that if there could just be a physical connection,  every thing else will fall in place easily….  So,  I told her about ‘The Groom’…. Shortly after, they spoke…  2+ years later,  we are planning a wedding!!!!!!!

Will write more about this bridal store "La Reve" shortly...

Will write more about this bridal store “La Reve” shortly…

Its been so much fun,  and I cant wait to give you guys the ‘gist’ of it all. I’ve met some pretty amazing people too through her… My favourite for now is certainly ‘My Fellow Hostess’, you’ll be hearing about her a lot…  She is super energetic and probably more excited than everyone else put together lol.



From choosing the best location, picking her dress, picking colours….  It’s been so much fun!!!!! Through this process, I intend to help brides narrow down vendors for their big day. We’ve discovered unique vendors, so many options…. Wedding dress locations, asoebi, souvenirs….


One of the many dresses tried...

One of the many dresses tried…                               

Trust me, if you are getting married soon, you definitely want to stay tuned!!

I absolutely love ‘Love’….  This is officially my 3rd couple ending in marriage in the past few years…  I am a certified ‘Love Doctor’ hehehe…  I just kinda know when it’ll work ….  I don’t know how I do it, but I just do… Lol. As long as both parties are mentally ready for something serious, I’m usually right on point….  I’ll start charging a fee for my services soon ‘lol’… But seriously,  God made everything about this particular couple beautiful in his own way…  I can’t wait for the D-day!! 

Anyhoo!!!….  Will fill you in as we go along! Don’t forget to subscribe to the site at the bottom of the home page… Follow @evezboudoir on twitter and Instagram

Always remember….  Don’t stay trapped in the norm,  unleash your alter ego! 




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    Wow Congras Ify. Nina u such a doll. Keep up the good work.


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    Awwww! This is so sweet! Congratulations to both of them, I wish them the very best in marriage. It must feel good to be used to help others find love. It just might be one of your gifts, like Patti Stanger. Well done!


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