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  • I once had a Panic Attack!

    I am quite outgoing on Social Media… I  do my best to celebrate life… mine and those close to me. I am also very intentional about keeping my real-life intimate circle small and positive… with zero compromise.
  • Youthquake: An Uprising of the Nigerian Youth!

    As 2019 approaches, there is tension within the Political world. Violence, corruption and shocking death tolls have plagued the Nigerian general elections through the years. The sheer lack of sportsmanship has also been repetitious…. then the law suits begin! Sometimes dragged till it’s time for yet another election. It’s quite an embarrassing period for most […]
  • Child of Rape!

    According to the United Nations, Rape is one of the most unreported crimes. Although, very invasive and traumatic, in my country Nigeria, those who have survived rape are stigmatized. Many never fully recover. I spoke to a rape victim. She said, ‘… Nina, It messes with your mind. Now, I’m always startled, even from the […]
  • One Year Hiatus: I’m Back!!!

    Gosh! It’s been a whole year I blogged. I truly didn’t realize how many people looked forward to my blog entries… I am grateful for the emails asking ‘How Far?’. There was no actual reason… life just happened. Hubby would ask ‘Babe, you no dey do your evezboudoir again?’… he is my biggest fan! He […]
  • Special Feature #thewhoamichallenge: Ijeoma Mark-Edeh

    It is incredible how you can know someone all your life, and never truly appreciate the strength and zeal they possess… till you see them exert it in full force. Ijay, as she is fondly called, can easily be described as a go-getter… mighty brain, petite body. Her petite stature creates the assumption that she […]
  • Dear ‘Post- Baby Weight-loss’ Time Keepers! Weh-Done!

    So, today I came across a post on Instagram by a mummy blogger @judgejudyjudy. She usually posts happy videos/pictures of some of her fun routines as a mum… from yummy recipes, shopping, to even the hustle of job hunting. I find her quite unique… she is raw and I find her live videos very interesting. […]
  • Part 2: #TheWhoAmIChallenge

    This has been an amazing project for me. It’s incredible to see these women take up the challenge! Yesterday I bumped into a phenomenal lady who on her own, recorded her response to the question #whoAmI on her IG page. It is indeed a question we as women must ask ourselves… we must know and […]
  • Part 1: #TheWhoAmIChallenge

    I’ve been on this journey of self discovery for the past few years… along the way I have met some phenomenal women. One thing we all have in common is our modest approach to embracing and speaking on our greatness. I have realized that this question “Who am I?” is one of awakening… It’ll make […]
  • Dear Uterus Time Keepers! Weh-Done!

    The Month of March was certainly for the “Woman”… My drive to ‘rise’ was certainly re-ignited. I attended so many amazing seminars, and got invited to talk at a few gatherings. Whenever I have a presentation where I ‘teach’… I always end up learning and growing myself. It is important to know your worth and […]
  • Your Sisters Keeper!

    Everyday, a girl child is born… Innocently born into a world where all odds are already against her.

Latest Posts

Exactly a year ago, BxFrox released her very first look book… I was honored to present it exclusively on this blog. Anyone who follows my blog knows I am a huge fan of the creative director of BxFrox. She is very subtle, but still obvious in her style stance. She is indeed effortlessly chic. I […]
The life of a parent with a toddler(s) is quite intense….  You can go from feeling ‘completely in love’ to wanting to ‘break something’ in a matter of seconds….  Oh gosh!  Those little rascals are really something!  ‘LOL’. I haven’t written in quite sometime…  It’s been extremely busy without a ‘nanny’ (hug your child’s nanny […]
BxFroX is a relatively new fashion house. The Creative Director (Braxie, as she is fondly called) is very determined and certainly very stylish. I wrote a piece on her brand a while back. I love ‘underdogs’… those few that may not have a ‘huge’ following, yet…. but certainly have great prospects and undeniable talent. BxFroX […]
2 weeks ago, my dear cousin  Ezinne (@zinkata1) came into town. Although she came for work, we (my sister inlaw and I) were determined to make the best of her trip. First on our list was a traditional marriage. I needed great hands with precision to handle my face…. don’t get me wrong, I do […]
It’s been really tough finding a great Salon in Portharcourt. I’m extremely particular about my hair and nails. It’s important that it’s done right…. I am known to give ‘small’ drama when I don’t get what I expect. So to avoid ‘showing myself’, I have tried for a while  to find a great Salon option.
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