Ph Girl in Lagos Town ( 355 Lounge)

After my horrible experience at Escape night club which I will discuss in a separate review (if you’re not a fan of second hand tobacco smoke, I strongly discourage you from going), I needed a much better experience. You see, I’m a PH girl, still trying to fit back into life in PH, so was pretty happy to get a good reason to spend a whole week in Lagos.

My dear friend got married (which was super fun by the way, will do a review on the event planner in due time)….. Anyway, we wanted to do something fun after all the wedding shenanigans before her return to the United States, the last thing we needed was yet another horrible night out experience in Lagos. A friend of mine suggested 355…. First I was apprehensive, but decided not to be a kill joy.

We got to the location, parking was non existent,and I’m the worst driver (plus didn’t want to scratch my Aunts car lol)… luckily a better driver was willing to help me wriggle the car into one tiny corner…. hmmmm…. anyway, we proceeded towards the building… I think they were undergoing construction because the walk-in was very unimpressive…. I was already grumbling under my breadth.

We walked in, and I got an instant soho feel…. felt just like New York. Didn’t want to get my hopes up…. So started observing. Our waiter was the most bubbly petite lady (I wish I got her name)…super pleasant and quickly came over to take our orders…. I decided to use the restroom… not bad at all. For a relatively full spot, the restroom stayed very clean all through (I used it again before we left… Okay maybe more than twice, but that’s irrelevant in this piece). My friend had been trying to get a cocktail mix with Grand Marnier since arriving Lagos, and was always disappointed…. well, they had it!! Our night began on a great note!

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I was pleasantly surprised that they served Mexican food, I’m certainly not a fan sorry, but my friends are….I ordered a medium-well done steak…. the Food was surprisingly served in good time (freshly cooked food in Nigeria means you have to wait for eternity) and it was the yummiest I’ve had in ages (my friends were very happy with their meals too)….
The Dj that night I believe is called Obi… that dude was on Fire! Glad it wasn’t ‘naija music’ from start to finish (I absolutely love my Nigerian music oh!)…. but it was refreshing to get a little bit of all genres…. a Lil’ bit of hip-hop, some reggae, afrobeat….next thing he was playing some garage music and that just made my night!
I absolutely love this place…. crappy parking, crappy exterior…. I ended up having the best night ever…. have it in mind that this isn’t a club, it’s more like a lounge…. but after a few hours here, you won’t need any more hype…. it’s just right!

I believe they are located at #9A Oko Awo, VI Lagos…. check it out sometime.

Ps: I am not in any way affiliated with 355. Strictly my views.

Like I always say…Don’t stay trapped in the norm, Unleash your alter ego…



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