This is my little space, I’m inviting you into my private corner.

I have so many things on my mind, so many questions…. why is the Nigerian Economy still so messed up? Why are homeowners only the super wealthy? …. As a mother myself, I usually hurt when I see children hurting and wonder why God won’t just provide enough for me to care for them all…. I’m also really big on things related to Africa…. for this reason I love to buy african, I really believe we have so many entrepreneurs providing amazing products and services, why do we only patronize all things non-African (Kudos to those that patronize African products and services). I love art, I follow @rele on instagram and she made me become so keen on Art, the talent we have here at home is really amazing too. I also Love fashion, my current favourite designer is @meenaofficial…. fell in love after I got one of her tops from mobos 3 years ago (It’s still my favourite top that will eventually be in my vintage collection as I shall never give up on it lol) ….. I also love poetry, I write everyday, and I’m quite flawless in my delivery, someday I’ll let you listen to one of my originals.

All I want to do is show you all the things I love…. share my experiences and hopefully hear your experiences. I want to always give you real ratings and reviews from personal experiences…. places I’ve been, products I’ve tried, services I love…. give you a glimpse of my love for real estate, food and visiting new places….Show you some tricks to live a simple stress free life… And hopefully learn new things from you as well. I just want us to have loads of fun in the process.
I’ve interviewed so many entrepreneurs, bought so many products, utilised so many services…. so I will give 100% truth on my thoughts and hope I can inspire you to either experience them yourself or discourage you from ‘nearing’ any wack ones.

So there you have it…. welcome to my private room…. you’re always welcome to share this space with me….like I always say…. don’t remain trapped in the norm, unleash your alter ego!



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