I love makeup…. I’m actually pretty good at it myself. I’m also every makeup artists nightmare ( very unintentional, I promise! Lol)’… the thing is, I know what works for my skin, and I will absolutely disagree with your expert opinion if you can’t sell it well to me. Also, I developed some annoying tiny moles all over my face and neck after having kids…. I need a foundation that will give me coverage without being ‘too much’.

I also love helping with weddings, so my friends are always happy to pile up responsibilities on me when they decide to tie the knot…. I help as much as my toddlers would let me lol.

A good friend is getting married in Warri, and she lives in the United States…. One of my responsibilities is to find her a good makeup artist. All the Instagram makeup artists that pull waves were not only far away in Lagos, but were already quite pricey excluding the cost of bringing them down to Warri. We needed a good one, that was close by.
I love under dogs, those very talented individuals that stay hidden. I was excited too, this meant I’ll get my facebeat for every upcoming occasion…. the Search was on!

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Although a fun process, it was also strenuous… some of them were down right horrid! Some were ITK’s (I too know!), while others were just not good enough. Then someone referred me to @Moannyallure. Her IG pictures were just okay, but decided to still try her out…. We booked an appointment for 2pm….I was hopeful.
I got to her store at about 4pm, the traffic in Portharcourt can be terrible! I expected an attitude from her (which seems to be a common trend with makeup artists these days), delightfully, she was so very pleasant. ‘Hi! I’m Mona…. I’m sure you have really suffered in traffic! Portharcourt traffic ehn! Sorry my dear’ she said…. our meeting certainly started off on a good note.
Her studio is pretty nice for a relatively new comer…. clean and simple…. So I settled in.
She asked me about my preferences, my favourite look, my skin type… various interesting questions to help her decide on how the process would go. I was impressed. She proceeded to discourage me from my Marykay 507 (everyone has advised on various  ‘better’ foundation options, yet I have stayed faithful for about 12 years), so of course I refused lol. ‘No other foundation blends perfectly with my skin’, I said, ‘it’s either too light or too dark’, I reaffirmed. I noticed she seemed abit concerned, but she stayed calm and said to me ‘let me try blackup, if u don’t like it, I’ll take it off and re-do, I promise’. I had tried blackup before, the ‘cream to powder’ and It didn’t work! However, I had never tried the full coverage foundation…. the tone of her voice, her reassuring smile…. I accepted.
She has an assistant (I believe her name is Francesca), kept us laughing, she is so hilarious. The mood was quite bubbly and full of gist and funny stories lol.

I hated the look of the eyebrows, she persuaded me to stay calm till she concludes. Again, her approach made me stay calm. We finally rounded up…. I looked up…. I was certainly pleased!
Mona has a personality that every service provider should have, I am certain all her clients remain repeat customers. Her customer service is impeccable (she also offers candies hehehe), she is so warm and welcoming… that alone gives you an open mind to accept whatever new look or product she suggests…. And to add, she’s very good at what she does. She’s so careful, pays keen attention to every detail…. I loved the entire experience.
I have suggested her to my friend… And if you happen to be in the Portharcourt area, and need your facebeat, I’ll certainly suggest her to you.

Although not typically the look I’ll go for, however, I love my look! What do you think?

Service provider: MoannyAllureService provided: Makeup

Instagram: @Moannyallure

Number: 0806 118 4391

Studio Location: No 79 Tombia Extension Gra Phase III Ph

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Like I always say, don’t stay trapped in the norm. Unleash your alter ego!



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