Youthquake: An Uprising of the Nigerian Youth!

As 2019 approaches, there is tension within the Political world. Violence, corruption and shocking death tolls have plagued the Nigerian general elections through the years. The sheer lack of sportsmanship has also been repetitious…. then the law suits begin! Sometimes dragged till it’s time for yet another election. It’s quite an embarrassing period for most Nigerians, as various News platforms carry the news of gruesome blood shed and rigging… further intensifying the view that Nigeria lacks trust worthy leaders.

But, something has been happening over the last couple of years. The Youthquake began! A significant cultural, political and social change arising from the actions or influence of young people. World wide, there has been an uprising; Young people have found their voice, and are making it Loud and Clear! Nigeria has also been stung by this bug. Leaders are suddenly deemed ‘cool’ when their cabinets are represented by young and vibrant leaders. It started quietly, but has increased in volume gradually since the last general elections in 2015.

Today, something happened; the bill, ‘Not Too Young to Run’ has been made LAW. Ironically, this Bill was signed into Law by the ‘almost’ 80 year old President of Nigeria.


What does this Law mean in a nutshell? Essentially, it has further reduced the age requirement to run for Political Office. The Presidency has been reduced to 30 years. Other political offices can now allow people who range from 25 years – 30 years of age, participate.

This is an incredible step in the right direction. The world is embibbing very impressive innovative strategies; Nigeria has truly fallen behind in that regard. The archaic mentality of our leaders, and sheer addiction to power and wealth has robbed our youths of all the great possibilities this country has to offer.

A lot of people say the Youth are also corrupt, just like their fathers. There is an argument that only children of the elite, who are basically the ones currently ruling the country, are financially capable of a successful political campaign. However, there is Faith! With a great reference like Mark Okoye, who has set the pace for more to follow.


2019 will be quite Interesting. Younger leaders are emerging; with the perfect blend of ‘Street Smart’, ‘Exposure’ and ‘Intelligence’. It will be a great disservice to yourself if you are not armed with a PVC (Permanent Voter Card) in 2019. The Youth make up about 60% of the population, we have the Social Media as an added advantage ; we have absolutely no excuse to refuse this empowerment!

2019 will be EPIC! I am excited…. we all are. We implore our leaders to take this new bill seriously and literally. Give the young generation a chance to move the country forward. Empower our efforts with your support… step aside and allow your children take up the mantle.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


Proudly Nigerian,




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